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The IT Profession

If you are not already a member of either BCS The Chartered Institute for IT (BCS) or the Institution of Analysts and Programmers (IAP), we would strongly encourage you to join at least one of them.

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT is the organisation responsible under its Royal Charter for computing and IT related matters in the United Kingdom. It also maintains the registers of Chartered IT Professionals and IT Technicians. The IAP, while not a chartered organisation, is the specialist professional body for software developers.

We believe that professionalism is just as important in information technology as it is in other more established graduate professions. Indeed, if anything, we think it is even more important in our profession since it is relatively immature in comparison to others such as law or surveying, which some of your fellow graduates in other disciplines might be entering.

If you have yet to graduate, you can apply to be a student with BCS The Chartered Institute of IT. You can become a Licentiate of the IAP after achieving good results in your first two years of your degree, with the designatory post-nominal letters LIAP.

If you have just graduated, you are likely to be eligible to become an Associate Member (AMBCS) of the BCS; or a Graduate Member (GradIAP) of the IAP, although if you have some valid experience you maybe considered for Associate Membership (AMIAP).

BCS Chartered Institute for IT The Institution of Analysts and Programmers (IAP)
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